Reclaim PPIAny bank customer in the UK who believes they are victims of a PPI mis-selling can now file for compensation and reclaim PPI. The process of how to reclaim PPI insurance is pretty easy and straight forward. However, those who believe they may need assistance with the process can do so. Filing a PPI claim is free and there is no charge. It is possible however, to be charged for advice and assistance by consultants or accounting and finance professionals.

Who needs to reclaim PPI?

Well, apparently any single bank customer across the entire UK is at liberty to file compensation claims if they believe they were wrongly sold PPI insurance. It is very possible that this happened. Banks are mostly the culprits here as they act as agents of insurance companies and sell insurance cover on behalf of its customers. Many times, customers did purchase PPI insurance basically because it is a useful product which they need. PPI insurance is ideal for bank customers holding one form of credit or other. For example, customers with a housing mortgage, car finance or credit card debt will benefit from this cover just in case they are unable to repay this loan.

There are times when customers borrow a loan and then fall sick, lose their jobs or get incapacitated. Since the loan has to be paid regardless of circumstances, it was decided that an insurance cover such as PPI be taken out, especially for mortgage customers. However, banks made this loan mandatory to loan borrowers while thy tricked and mis-sold this insurance for many years. This was later ruled to be illegal by the courts and the banks were ordered to compensate their customers. Those with PPI claims were to reclaim PPI compensation for their losses.

PPI Reclaiming Process

The process of claiming a PPI insurance compensation is quite easy and straight forward. However, help is available for customers who may not be sure or require assistance. There are individuals such as accountants and finance specialists who have come out to offer assistance to needy customers. While the process is entirely free, some may be charged for information and assistance though this is voluntary. However, an applicants looking to reclaim PPI will need to write a letter to the financial services ombudsman and then submit this together with an application form and some form of evidence. Once these are received by the office of the ombudsman, they will be processed and if everything is found to be in order they will then be paid their due compensation.

Banks are said to be the culprits here as they act as agents of insurance companies and sell insurance cover on behalf of its customers. Many times, customers did purchase PPI insurance basically because it is a useful product which they need. PPI insurance is ideal for bank customers holding one form of credit or other. For example, customers with a housing mortgage, car finance or credit card debt will benefit from this cover just in case they are unable to repay this loan. If you want to reclaim your PPI in Scotland visit

Argan oil is produced from the kernels of the Argan tree. There are many different uses for Argan oil, and there are many benefits of using the oil. Continue to read on to find out what the oil can be used for and what are some of the benefits of using the oil.


Many years ago, before modern times, people used to collect undigested Argan pits. People used to collect these pits and then ground and pressed them, which then created oil. This process is not really done today. Today, the oil is usually harvested straight from the tree and then machines are used to process it.


Many people use the oil because of its anti-ageing effects. The oil contains high levels of anti-oxidants, which can help in neutralizing free radical damage. Argan oil is also used by people who want to reduce the appearance of their wrinkles. One of the reasons the oil works so well at reducing wrinkles is that it restores the skin’s hydro-lipid layer.

Healing And Protection The Skin

Argan oil is also used by people who want to heal and protect their skin. People who have scars will use Argan oil, because it has the ability to heal scars and reduce the visibility of scars. The oil also protects the skin from the sun and it also helps the skin retain its moisture.

Medical Uses

Many people actually use Argan oil for medical purposes. Many people use the oil to soothe certain ailments of the skin, such as chickenpox. Many people suffer from psoriasis, and these people can also use the oil. People with eczema can also use the oil to soothe their skin. Pregnant women can also benefit from using the oil because it can help prevent stretch marks. Women who are pregnant should use the oil at least once per day. The oil can even help people lower their cholesterol levels as well as strengthen the body’s natural immunity.

Culinary Uses

Argan oil also has culinary uses, as many people use the oil to dip their bread in. People also use the oil to add onto their salad. The oil is also used in Amlou, which is a spread that is similar to peanut butter.

Many people believe that consuming Argan oil is beneficial to their health in many different ways. In matter of fact, some researchers even claimed that consuming Argan oil on a daily basis is likely a major factor in helping prevent different types of cancers.

Types Of Products That Have Argan Oil In Them

As mentioned earlier Argan oil can help the skin retain moisture. This is one of the reasons why the oil is sometimes the main active ingredient in body lotions.

The oil is also found in some facial cleansers.

Argan Oil For Hair

Not only is the oil good for a person’s skin and even good for a person to consume, but the oil is also good for hair. If a person has dry hair, then they can use Argan oil to hydrate their hair.

The oil is also good for hair growth and it also strengthens the hair. Many people also use the oil on their hair to improve the elasticity of their hair.

Argan oil is also very good for a person’s hair because it contains vitamin E. Everybody knows that heat can damage a person’s hair, but what they may not know is that Argan oil can help repair damaged hair that has been caused by heat.

A lot of people also undergo color treatment, and color treatment of the hair can also cause damage to the hair. Color treatment of the hair can sometimes make the hair very weak as well as brittle. Many people believe that Argan oil can cure brittle hair. Many people also believe that the life of color treated hair can be increased by using Argan oil on a daily basis.

If a person is interested in using the oil on their hair, then they should know when to apply the oil to their hair. Many people will use the oil right before they take a bath. If a person wants to use the oil before their bath, then they should pour the oil onto their head and then gently massage it right into their scalp. Doing this will allow the oil to penetrate the tips of the hair as well as the roots of the hair. In order to make sure that the oil is distribute evenly, they should use a comb to distribute the oil. Once a person has done this, they simply take a bath and wash their hair as normal. If a person wants to use the oil after their bath or shower, then they will simply not wash their hair once they have applied the oil to it.

Many people do not know this, but they can also use Argan oil as hair gel. A lot of people choose not to use hair gels or hair sprays because they can damage the hair and many products are not good for the hair. However, Argan oil is healthy for the hair. All a person needs to do is apply a little Argan oil to their hair, and then style it as usual. The oil will hold their hair in place and the hair will look healthy as well as shiny.

Facts About Argan Oil

Something that not many people know is that Argan tree groves can survive for many years. In matter of fact, the groves can survive up to 450 years.

Argan oil is similar to olive oil and is used in similar ways that olive oil is used.


Argan oil can be used for many different things, whether it is for a medical purposes, culinary purposes or cosmetic purposes. If a person is looking for an oil that offers them many different benefits, then they should try Argan oil because it is one of the best oils on the market today.

2924744761_8e793d042bA web page or cite is a good ground for getting more customers. For this reason it is equally important for one to have as many followers as possible. This however is not a walk in the park. It takes a lot of effort for one to increase the number of people that view their page.

Here are some of the things that one can do to help increase followers or viewers.

  1. Maintain a real profile. When one wants to lure people into visiting their site, they should not give untrue information about themselves. Be honest to viewers. Give your real name, upload your own picture and give the real name of the company that you are working for. By so doing you establish a good impression on the potential web site user.
  2. Privacy. You need to understand that people are reluctant when it comes to giving out their personal information more so to strangers. A user does not fully know you by the name or picture you upload on your site as this do not portray one’s character. If you want someone to give you their details you have to establish a relationship between you. Chat more with them and this way they get to know you more. After this you can now ask for their personal details.
  3. Be presentable. Avoid bad language and negative views about sensitive subjects such as religion, gender inequality and violence. If ill-spoken of, these topics can scare away potential followers. Talk about things that are appealing.

Benefits of Conversion Optimisation

Before we get to the benefits, lets look at what conversion optimisation is. This is the conversion of followers of a page into customers of a particular product. It is also known as conversion rate optimisation (CRO).

This is importance in the following ways.

  1. It increases revenue. When a company gets to sell its products to a large number of customers, automatically they increase sales. After expenses have been deducted from the net sales, chances for a company to get a favourable profit or revenue are high.
  2. Conversion optimisation maximizes returns from investing in that particular market. This is as a result of increase in revenue.
  3. Makes you more competitive. When you able to relate personally with customers, they are free to give you tips on how you can better your product according to their tastes and preferences after which you sell more. This makes you out do your competitors in that your loyal customers will not buy from them.

For more information about this and other related fields, one can visit this website for conversion rate advice.

If one is looking forward to excelling in their business, conversion optimisation could be the way out. It is clear that it can work wonders for business owners. It gives you the chance to meet more customers and learn about them in depth. This could be the ingredient that your investment needs.